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a, b, c Figure 3.5 (Continued)Prequalified Fillet Weld Joint Details (Dimensions in Millimeters) (see 3.9) See Notes on Page 65 Double-bevel-groove weld (5) Butt joint (B) ALL DIMENSIONS IN mm Groove Preparation Base Metal Thickness (U = unlimited) Tolerances Root Opening Allowed Gas Welding Joint Root Face As Detailed As Fit-Up Welding Evaluating Code Requirements Lincoln ElectricThe key principle that provides understanding in this particular instance is the difference between prequalified Welding Procedure Specifications (WPSs) and those that are qualified by test. In order for a WPS to be prequalified, it must comply with all the criteria of Chapter 3

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Feb 08, 2012 · If it is less than or equal to ¾ inch, a non-low hydrogen SMAW electrode can be used and still be considered prequalified. However, if the base metal is more than ¾ inch thick, a low hydrogen SMAW electrode or welding process must be used if the WPS is to be considered prequalified. Guidelines for Witnessing Welding Procedure Qualification Jul 06, 2018 · The maximum heat input test qualifies standard prequalified joints using prequalified base metal/filler metal combinations. This only requires one test plate to be welded, but it may limit the range of qualification. The maximum-minimum heat input test requires the welding of two test plates. One test determines the highest heat input. Law is the operating system of our society. So show me the Law is the operating system of our society. So show me the

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list of base metals permitted in prequalified WPSs and corrected the group of some base metal grades. Table 3.2 New table for filler metal requirements that contains the information previously contained in Table 3.1 with the addition of a classification for A5.36 for carbon and low-alloy steel elec- Structural Welding Code SteelPrequalified Base MetalFiller Metal Combinations for Matching Strength (see 3.3) G r o u p Steel Specification Requirements Filler Metal Requirements Steel Specification Minimum Yield Point/Strength Tensile Range Process AWS Electrode ksiMPa ksiMPaSpecification Electrode Classification III API 2W Grade 60 6090 414621 75 min. 517 min. SMAW SAW GMAW FCAW A5.5c WELDING PROCEDURE SPECIFICATION (WPS) FOR FLUX -Base Metal Prequalification:Austenitic stainless steels whose filler metals normally produce a small amount of ferrite (as per Table 5.2 of AWS D1.6 for prequalified limits) shall be considered prequalified, provided they are welded with filler metals in accordance with Table 5.3 and the WPDS

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 · Web viewBase Metal. Assigned P numbers (M or S) so that similar base metals may be qualified by testing one base metal in the same P number (essential variable) Group numbers may be assigned within a P number to further differentiate (supplementary essential variable) SA-106 Grade B > P-No.1, Group-No.1.Base Metal GroupingsNov 05, 2008 · D1.1 has a limited (though still pretty long) list of *prequalified* base metals. For everything else, you can run a PQR--which it looks like you're running anyway. By Ke1thk Date 11-05-2008 13:02 Thanks for all the input. This is a great resource.