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Analysis of support structures. In Sesam, DNV GLs FEM software for offshore structural engineering, both ultimate strength and time domain fatigue analyses may be done for analysis of offshore wind turbine support structures.. There are two approaches:In the sequential approach a time series of wind turbine loads is applied at the interface point and combined with wave loads. DNV - Sesam PortalA tailor-made solution for structural strength analysis of fixed and floating offshore wind support structures. Sesam for Floating Structures A complete solution for floating structure

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Oct 27, 2014 · Based on clear demand from the industry for unified guidance for offshore developments, DNV GLs Offshore Concrete Standard (DNV-OS-C502) was developed and is maintained to provide principles, technical requirements and guidelines for the design, construction and in-service inspection of offshore concrete structures - both floating and fixed. DNV Standard for Certification 2.7-1 Offshore Containers The requirements for design, testing and production of offshore containers in EN 12079 are directly based on DNV Standard for Certification 2.7-1. The relationship between this Standard for Certification and other standards, codes and regulations is outlined in sub- chapter 1.2. DNV Standard for Certification 2.7-1 Offshore Containersoffshore operations, and not suffer complete failure even if subject to more extreme loads. Consequences: Existing offshore containers that DNV has certified according to previous versions of Standard for Certification No. 2.7-1 will in most cases also comply with the new edition. Re-certification is generally not deemed necessary.

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On 12 September 2013, DNV and GL merged to form DNV GL Group. On 25 November 2013 Det Norske Veritas AS became the 100% shareholder of Germanisch er Lloyd SE, the parent company of the GL Group, and on 27 November 2013 Det Norske Veritas AS, company registration number 945 748 931, changed its name to DNV GL AS. Design and analysis of floating offshore structures - DNVDigital Solutions Offshore and maritime engineering Design and analysis of floating offshore structures Design of offshore floaters includes both sea-keeping and structural analysis Sesam has had these capabilities for many years, supported by data transfer from hydrodynamic to structural analysis. Guideline for Offshore Structural Reliability - DNVGuideline for Offshore Structural Reliability:Examples for Jacket Plattforms Page No. 11 DNV Report No. 95-3204 Jacket Fatigue Limit State Sigurdsson,G and E. Cramer Guideline for Offshore Structural Reliability Analysis- Examples for Jacket Platforms, DNV Report 95-3204 3.2 Limit State Formulation 3.2.1 The SN-Fatigue Approach

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DNV verification can cover the entire life cycle of an offshore structure, including design tasks such as document review, independent analysis, and peer review workshops, and onshore and offshore survey during fabrication, installation, hook-up and commissioning, operation and decommissioning. The service covers typical fixed offshore sub-structures such as jackets, gravity base structures, towers, and mono-piles, and topside structures including entire main topside structures, DNVGL-OS-C101:Design of offshore steel structures Design of offshore steel structures, general - LRFD method DNV GL AS CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 Section 1 SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION 1 General 1.1 Introduction 1.1.1 This offshore standard provides principles, technical requirements and guidance for the structural design of offshore structures. 1.1.2 DNVGL-OS-C101 is the general part of the DNV GL Offshore Standards for structures.