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Transmission Line Tools TYCAC-20 Hydraulic Angle Steel Cutter Hydraulic Angle steel cutting tools . Hydraulic Angle Steel Cutting Tools CAC is a remote control tool, works with an external hydaulic pump (capable of providing 700Bar working pressure). CAC is specially designed to cut 90 Angle Steel. Angle Cutting Machine - Angle Cutting Machinery Latest Brand:Multicut. Weight:470 Kg. Dimension Lx W X H Mm:1600 x 800 x 1400 mm. Worktable Height:900 mm. Blade Dimension:2910 x 27 x 0.9 mm. Hydraulic Power:0.42 kw

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First, our customized angle iron flat bar cutting machine blade is processed by special heat treated. For this, the blades can cut off the bars for a long cutting life. And the blades can be replaced easily if the operators want to change. Second, our hydraulic bar cutting machine has a high cutting speed. Cutter - Hydraulic Specialised ForceStyles of cutting tool heads include ratchet, guillotine (flip-top or latch head) and scissor type. Select cutters can also cut steel rod and reinforcing bar (rebar). Alternate terminology:Hydraulic Cutting Tools, Hand Hydraulic Cutters. HNM 6 VP / HYDRAULIC VARIABLE ANGLE LFSS Sahin HNM-6 V variable rake hydraulic corner notchers have a strong frame with its statically and dynamically rigid steel table and top beam material. T Slot top table realizes precise cuttings and there is no need for alignment for different sheet thicknesses by means of automatic blade gap adjustment.

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Bending capacity:60 mm - 600 mm Bending radius:min 200.0 mm. DOUBLE PRE-BENDING The main features of these machines are: Three driving rolls with smooth surface Three hydraulic motors directly keyed on the rolls Independent adjustment MVS Shears Shearing machines LVD GroupHydraulic shearing system with up to four cutting edges; Maximum shearing capacity:mild steel 45 kg/mm from .250" (6,35 mm) to .512" (13 mm), depending on model; stainless steel 60 kg/mm from .157" (4 mm) to .393" (10 mm), depending on model REBAR BENDER ELECTRIC HYDRAULIC PORTABLE 16MM 5/8 Maximum Cutting Diameter 5/8#5rebar (16mm)grade 60 Bending Degree 0-130 degree Electric hydraulic rebar benders are used by steel fixers to bend established rebar within the formwork or bend starter bars after the pouring of the slab or footings at construction sites. REBAR CUTTER ELECTRIC HYDRAULIC PORTABLE 16 MM 5/8 # 6 SKU

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HKM 60 60 Ton represents the power for the machine. Machine has 4 KW electrical motor and power gained from this motor transmitted to the main piston via hydraulic equipments then machine gets ready to work by using the foot pedal .Basicly working principle is the same like the double piston machines but on these type of machine there is one work station that can be slided left and right Sheet Metal Shear Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear American 16 gauge maximum cutting capacity for mild-steel Stainless steel capacity:18 (.048") to 20 gauge (.036") Soft aluminum and copper:12-14 gauge (.075") 40 Strokes per Minute - Full Length 1.3 CFM Air Consumption per Stroke 25.3 CFM Air Consumption Weight:1830 Lbs. Size:60 x 24 x 43 Height Front Gauge Capacity (in.) 28" Strapping Tools, Strapping Tools Manufacturer, Pneumatic Considering shear strength to be 60% of tensile strength. Radial Piston pump and directional controlled solenoid valve of capacity 550 bar, Imported from Switzerland. If you send us the specification (Tensile strength and diameter of Bar) we shall recommend the right cutter for your application.

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HPS 60 H HPS 65 H HPS 85 H HPS 115 H HPS 175 H; Working Area:Number of hydraulic cylinders:1 positions:1 positions:2 positions:2 positions:2 positions:2 positions:Punch press:Pressure force:49.5 t:66 t:71.5 t: Angular Profile Steel Cutters. For angle steel sections; Cut angle 90° and 45°