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Insert drill pipe into tool opening until it sits in V sections of Tool Once pipe has been inserted to V section, Rotate wrist in clockwise position to gain contact into V rubber profiles. Maintain wrist tension for maximum control during movement. Full drill pipe range is Drill Pipe Set Back Tool - Offshore Handling SystemsGeneral Description. The Drill Pipe Set Back Tool allows drill pipe to be safely handled and positioned in the set back area, providing maximum protection to personnel while retaining maximum control and flexibility. Not only does this devise mitigate the risk of hand injuries but it also keeps the handlers feet clear of the set back area when landing pipe in the vertical stored position.

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Nov 01, 2011 · Among the recognized achievements was Canrig Drilling Technology's SureGrip automated casing running tool, which incorporates the ball and taper gripping mechanism for handling drill pipe. The ball and taper connection works on the principle of balls engaged in tapers in the male mandrel part of the connector; which is inserted into a closely Hands Free Working Archives - Offshore Handling SystemsDrill Pipe Connection Guide. Drill Pipe Casing Tool. General Cargo Handling Tool. Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool. Hands Free Tools Storage Station. Home; About; Products; Safety Data; Markets; Values; Contact; Call :00 353 61513115 Email :[email protected] Address :Offshore Handling Systems Ltd D3 Smithstown Business Park How Stabbing Guides Work on the Oilfield - MSIOn the oilfield, stabbing guides help workers align pieces of tubing, casing, and drill pipe for female and/or male connections. These guides can be used when laying new pipelines and when connecting replacement pieces, and they are an important part of pipe protection.

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Derricks are generally found offshore, where they are permanently fixed to the drilling unit. Both structures exist to support the weight of tools, pipe and devices that will be lowered into the well. The power catwalk is designed to move tubulars, including drill pipe, from a horizontal position into the derrick near the well center. Offshore Handling Tools in Singapore Offshore Handling The arc shape profile and length of this offshore handling tool allows the handler to remain at a safe distance and hands-free at all times. Drill Pipe Connection Guides The drill pipe connection guides design reduces hand-to-pipe contact by allowing handlers to keep their hands clear of potential pinch/crush areas and gives them a better view of the pipe connection. US4561803A - Conductor guide system for offshore drilling A conductor guide assembly for conductors of an offshore well platform having a jacket with an interior pile for extending from a sea bed to above a water level which is over the sea bed. In accordance with one inventive feature, a first guide mechanism comprising a plurality of vertically spaced supports which hold the tubular conduits within the interior pile is assembled in a plurality of

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Fig. lb shows a schematic view of pipe handling system 10 moving a pipe 22 from rig floor 18 to a setback position 21, and Fig. lc shows pipe handling system 10 placing the pipe in the setback position. Fig. Id shows pipe handling system 10 moving a pipe from setback position 21 to well 13. Fig. le shows a top view of the offshore well system 12.Home - Offshore Handling SystemsOffshore Handling Systems are manufacturers of innovative, high quality, durable safety solutions to the offshore Oil and Gas industry. These tools have been designed to target the reduction of hand and finger injuries associated with the positioning and movement of deck cargo and drilling supplies.