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It's a good stick, works great on PC as well as PS4/PS3, but apparently you shouldn't pay over 165$ for it. The hayabusa lever and kuro buttons aren't better than the sanwas I've used. And the sanwa's aren't better than the hayabusa/kuro's. :Customer reviews:Mad Catz Street Fighter V The 8-way shapes will not work well with classic arcade games that require 4-way input, such as PAC-MAN. I am though starting to lean towards the Sanwa JLF joystick the TES+ has compared to the Hori Hayabusa joystick. While the Hayabusa does work wonderfully and doesnt have many negatives there is just something about the JLF's feel that I

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HORI's proprietary HAYABUSA stick lever has been engineered to reduce input time and increase responsiveness. HAYABUSA buttons have lower clearance than typical buttons for quick input and a smooth matte finish with metallic accents for style and performance. Blank Plexi Cover for Hori RAP N - Focus AttackNice piece of plastic, perfect fit for my HRAP N Hayabusa! I like the original art in my Hori HRAP N Hayabusa so, like my Hori Soul Calibur V joystick, I ordered a plexi to preserve the original art. The plexi fit perfectly and does not distort the appearance of my panel. Commercial Fightsticks Focus Attack LLCInstalling the KOWAL Hayabusa Octopus on Silent Hayabusa joystick Mounting a Seimitsu LS-32-01 to Qanba How to modify a Qanba Q1 Fightstick with Hori Hayabusa and Silent Sanwa pushbuttons

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Most recently, collaborated with Hori with the Premium VLX Kuro project:OTTO DIY:We are the official North American and Japanese Distributor for Otto DIY. Otto DIY specializes in upgrades to the Sanwa Denshi and Hori Hayabusa joysticks by using various materials that provide better stability, more defined and smoother motions. Phreakmods Super "NeoGAF Arcade Stick Thread" II TURBO NeoGAFDec 26, 2015 · It's being sold at Focus Attack and it looks promising, I have a Hori Hayabusa in my stick currently but I was looking to try something new and I like the idea of a faster return to neutral. N. Sounds like it should work just fine for Street Fighter I'm gonna keep the stick and not worry about it. I probably won't play any other fighting resetera Arcade Stick / Controller Thread ResetEraMay 06, 2021 · Yeah I ended up installing the NOBI Bulett Standard on my Arcade Stick Pro, I posted it a couple of messages above (EDIT:last page lol). It's my very first Seimitsu stick and I'm impressed. I don't want to say it's my go-to stick but wanted to have a variety with a full Seimitsu build on the ASP, a full Sanwa build on an 8BitDo Arcade Stick, and Hayabusa parts standard on a RAP V that I also

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Jul 23, 2018 · Q:I need to extend the joystick shaft on my Hori Real Arcade Pro. 4 Kai Arcade Controller for PS3/PS4 that comes with the Hayabusa components. I read the support pages for Extended Sanwa JLF Hollow Joystick Shaft, but it does not state if this will work as a shaft replacement.