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Armor E H-Shock Rifle Armor Armor Exchange

Jul 21, 2020 · Armor E H-Shock Rifle Armor:Technical Specifications. The H-Shock Special Threat Plate is neither really a Level 3 plate nor a Level 4 plate. Its what the industry has dubbed as a SA (stand alone) Special Threat Plate, or more realistically a hybrid of sorts. As a result of the partnership between Armor E and Hesco we offer a special threat stand alone plate designed off of the H-Shock (Special Threat) - Armor ESpecial threat stand alone rifle plate constructed of ceramic/composite material. Independent lab tested to stop select special threats. Fits into the rifle plate pocket of your plate carrier, tactical entry vest, or compatible overt body armor carrier.

HESCO L210 - 200 Series Armor Level Rifle Special Threat

Dec 21, 2020 · This Special Rifle Threat armor plate is designed to be light yet durable against light AP rifle ammunition. The L210 Special Rifle Threat armor plate from the 200 series provides the best low visibility armor with a light AP protection and a focus on value. HESCO M210 - 200 Series Armor Level Rifle Special Threat HESCO 200 Series Armor Level Rifle Special Threat Stand Alone Plate The HESCO M210 and 200 Series plates are designed to be worn where concealability is an asset, featuring models that offer both low visibility and special threat protection. The closest thing to not wearing armor. Ultra low visibility ergonomic design. Hesco L210 Special Threat Plate Set Shooters Large 10×12 Jun 23, 2020 · The Hesco L210 is a lightweight, single curve, multi-hit, stand alone special threat plate. The light 5.4 lb weight in a 10×12 single curve design coupled with a thin.6 inch profile is a proven winner for the performance/cost balance. Low visibility light AP protection with a focus on value.

Hesco M210 Special Threat Stand Alone Plate Saber

The HESCO M210 Stand Alone Body Armor Plate provides incredible special threat performance in a thin, multi-curve, and lightweight package. Built to protect from common 5.56 threats (M855, M193) as well as M855A1 and 7.62 x 39 protection (API-BZ included). Multi shot rated on selected threats. Comes in SAPI plate and Swimmer plate shapes. LEVEL III+ SPECIAL THREAT SIDE ARMOR HARD PLATE - Ace Mar 18, 2021 · FOR WRAP-AROUND PROTECTION STOPPING M855 AP LEVEL III+ SPECIAL THREAT SIDE ARMOR Ace Link Armor Side Armor Plates provides protection against handgun and rifle threats up to the most powerful from common rounds 5.56×45 62 grain M855 AP. Level IIIA+ Special Threat Insert Plate Body Armor DirectAdding this Special Threat Plate In Conjunction With with our Certified Level IIIA ballistics upgrades your armor to a Level IIIA+. Highlights. IIIA+ ICW our Soft Armor Inserts; 100% Polyethylene Construction; Increased Protection; Concealable; Black; Special Threat Performance. 5.7mm x 28MM, 27gr. (SS195) 5.7mm x 28MM 40gr. (HORNADY BLUE TIP

Speed Plates Plus Point Blank Body Armor

Speed Plate Plus. Model:30025 - Threat Level:Special Rifle Threats Stand-Alone Engineered to protect against high energy bullets, our SPEED Plate Plus are ultra-light, multi-hit protective inserts that consistently delivers exceptional ballistic performance against a wide-range of special threats bullets. TenCate CR6450 (Special Threat SA) - Armor ETenCate CR6450 (Special Threat SA) TenCate Advanced Armor is an experienced strategic supplier of lightweight survivability solutions whether on land, in air, or at sea.Special Threat Testing More Protection More PeformanceSpecial Threat Testing. Survival Armor Demands More! More Protection, More Performance. The NIJ 0101.06 standard is the minimum performance test for body armor offered to law enforcement and other first responders. Before Survival Armor sends a vest off for certification it must pass our performance test against special threats. Special threat bullets are more difficult to defeat than the standard NIJ