thermal performance of ultra thin flattened heat pipes

High Performance Ultra Thin Heat Pipe Cooling Module

ultra-thin heat pipe to eliminate the hot spot issue. This cooling module consists of an ultra-thin heat pipe and a metal plate. By changing the width, the flattened thickness and the effective length of the ultra-thin heat pipe, several experiments have been conducted to characterize the thermal properties of the developed cooling module. Wenjie Zhou a, Peida Xie a, Yong Li , Yuying Yan , Bo LiAbstract:This study investigates the thermal performance of composite ultra-thin heat pipes (UTHPs). UTHPs are fabricated by flattening cylindrical heat pipes with outer diameter of 2 mm. The thickness and width were 0.8 mm and 2.7 mm, respectively. The composite wick structure is made of sintered copper foam-mesh wick (CFMW).

Thermal performance enhancement of an ultra-thin flattened

Moreover, the performance improvement of the UFHP with the mesh wick was more significant after treatment with chemical oxidation when the flattened thickness was larger, the ultimate heat-transport capabilities of the UFHPs with a flattened thickness of 1.2 mm increased by 6 W and 9 W, respectively, compared with those with a flattened thickness of 1.0 mm.