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  • OverviewReviewsPro Sport 1 in. Gear Drive Sprinkler The Pro Sport Rotor is K-Rains next generation The Pro Sport Rotor is K-Rains next generation of professional rotor, designed specifically for sports turf applications. The Pro Sport comes standard with a unique triple nozzle. The triple nozzle configuration consists of a primary nozzle for long distance and two secondary nozzles for mid-range and short Sprinklers S5000 Impact Rivulis - irrigationglobalThe S5000 impact sprinkler is designed with a non-corrosive body with a stainless steel spring for durability, a green cover for protection against sand and dirt, and bayonet nozzles for easy field maintenance or replacement of parts. The sprinklers are available with either one or two nozzles and outfitted with a ½" male threaded connection. About rotor nozzles - Lawn Sprinkler Systems And Automatic A low angle nozzle is intended to spray water under low overhanging branches, or to keep the spray down close to the ground in windy areas. The reduced radius was not a primary goal of the low angle nozzle, it's just a natural result of a low trajectory. If you need a shorter radius, however, you can take advantage of that "feature". Sizing rotor nozzles correctly:The best way to "size", or select rotor nozzles


    Low Angle Nozzle Body High Angle Nozzle Body Low Angle Nozzle Body Blue 4570 0.59 42.7 Yellow 4570 0.79 45.9 Orange 4570 0.79 42.7 23.6 Violet 4570 0.79 49.2 Red 4570 0.99 42.7 25.6 Black 4570 1.19 52.5 Product Features Compact, sturdy, closed and protected ball engine High distribution uniformity at low pressure and Full Circle Sprinklers Triangle WaterquipBrowse our range of full circle sprinklers. 3/4" - 20 mm Brass, single or double nozzle Frost Control Radius m:13.2 - 18.3 Flow l/hr:700 - 3580 IRRIGATION SPRINKLERS - IMPACT, POPUP, WOBBLER, Performance data for Nozzles to suit HR201 Sprinklers 4.8mm Nozzle Single Nozzle 4.8mm x 3.2 Nozzle Double Nozzle KPa lpm Radius (m) lpm Radius (m) 241 22.2 15.2 32.0 15.2 275 23.6 15.8 34.7 15.8 STANDARD WOBBLER LOW ANGLE WOBBLER MINI WOBBLER CODE DESCRIPTION DISCOUNT CODE 2.5 VYR37 VYRSA PLASTIC IMPACT SPRINKLER (SOMLO 46C Equivalent) ¾

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    • OverviewReviewsK2 Pro comes with pre-installed 2.5 GPM nozzle. 4 low angle and 8 standard nozzles, adjustment key and instruction manual also included. Flow control allows you to adjust distance and water flow at the same time. Flow shut off allows for quick adjustments and nozzle changes. 5 in. pop-up height.Orbit Spray Nozzle Review - Irrigation TutorialsOrbit Spray Nozzles Description:These nozzles fit the Hardtop, Softtop, 54116, 54117, 54080, 54081, and professional 5400 series spray head bodies. They will also fit onto most other brands of sprinklers that use universal female thread nozzles. These nozzles are made by Hunter Industries for Orbit and are identical to the Hunter nozzles. Spray Heads & Nozzles Rain BirdHIGH EFFICIENCY. 8', 10', 12' and 15' dual orifice spray nozzles that use 30% less water Sprinklers & Nozzles Gold Coast Sprinkler & Pumping CentreLow-volume, low-angle undertree plastic impact sprinkler, 1/2 male. Applications. Undertree (bananas, vineyards), nurseries and greenhouses. Main features. 9°, 12° and 14° with nozzle replacement only; Colour-coded bayonet nozzle for easy service; Integrated stream-straightening vane for maximum range


      The first sprinklers used on center pivots were impact heads adopted from hand-move, portable sprinkler lines that had a large angle (~23 degrees from horizontal) of discharge to maximize the water jet trajectory. Many of these were single nozzle types, but some used double nozzles to improve the uniformity for the pattern. Weathermatic B3-H-LA B-Series Half Circle Low Angle Single port brass nozzles can be easily cleaned with out risk of permanent damage and in many cases with out removing the nozzle from the head. These nozzles provide the widest selection of any other matched precipitation family on the market today. 80 nozzles are available; offering seamless spacing transitions from 3 ft to 20 foot and flows sprinkler for banana, sprinkler for banana Suppliers and Water Sprinkler For Banana Specifications Model no 8054 Thread size 1/2"BSP/NPT male Nozzle single nozzle Material plastic Trajectory angle 14° Operating Ranges U.S. Operating Range 29-51psi Flow Rate 1.34-3.97GPM Radius 33-39ft Metric Working pressure 2.0-3.5bar Flow Rate 0.304m ³ /h -0.904m ³ /h Spray Radius 10-12m Packing Details 1. 50pcs in one carton 2.

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      Specifications. Reach:26-33 ft. (8-10 m). Flow:0,7-5,5 GPM (345 - 990 l/h). Working pressure:22-51 PSI (1,5 - 3,5 BAR). Area:Full circle. Nozzles:one nozzle, one long range. Trajectory angles:14º. Maximun height of waterjet:5 ft. (low angle). Rotation time:Depending on the pressure and the nozzles, the rotation will be constant and continuous.