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Apr 27, 2020 · Li Y D, Yang Z G, Liu Y B, Li S X, Li G Y, Hui W J and Weng Y Q 2008 The influence of hydrogen on very high cycle fatigue properties of high strength spring steel Materials Science and Engineering A 489 3739. Crossref Google Scholar Fatigue test of carbon epoxy composite high pressure May 23, 2014 · The experimental results show that the thermomechanical behavior of vessels in hydrogen fatigue test is extremely complex. The pressure vessels are directly subjected to the cyclic loading of both high pressure and extreme temperature, which can seriously influence mechanical properties of the epoxy resin and carbon fiber/epoxy composites.

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MODULE 1:HYDROGEN PROPERTIES PAGE 1-1 1.1 Atomic Structure Key Points & Notes Hydrogen is by far the most plentiful element in the uni-verse, making up 75% of the mass of all visible matter in stars and galaxies. Hydrogen is the simplest of all elements. You can visualize a hydrogen atom as a dense central nucleus with a single Influence of Hydrogen on Tensile and Fatigue Life Oct 26, 2018 · Internal hydrogen degraded the fatigue life considerably. However, the pre-charging led to little, if any, reduction in the fatigue limit. Similarly to the AW joint, hydrogen gas exposure notably degraded the fatigue life of the STW joint and led to little reduction in the fatigue limit. Influence of high pressure gaseous hydrogen on SN fatigue At 50 °C, both steels showed a reduction in total fatigue life. Comparing the loss of fatigue strength to the loss of tensile reduction of area revealed a much higher severity of hydrogen

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Oct 01, 2010 · Aluminum bronze CW307G was tensile and fatigue tested in 10 MPa hydrogen, 10 MPa helium and 0.1 MPa air atmosphere. Neither tensile nor SN fatigue properties were affected when testing in H 2.Fractography on the fatigue specimens revealed similar striation morphology on the specimens tested in H 2 and He. Dissociative chemisorption as well as hydrogen absorption were Mechanical Properties of X70 Welded Joint in High-Pressure Feb 24, 2020 · Influence of Hydrogen Pressure and Microstructure on the Fatigue Properties of X70 Welded Joint. The fatigue properties were degraded by the added hydrogen more severely compared with the tensile properties of X70 welded joint in hydrogen mixture. While FCGR increased slightly with the increasing content of hydrogen from 5.0 to 10.0 vol.%.The influence of hydrogen on very high cycle fatigue Aug 20, 2008 · Abstract. The influence of hydrogen on very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) properties of high strength spring steel 50CrV4 was studied in this paper. Three groups of specimens with different hydrogen contents (CH) were prepared through different heat treatment procedures:quenched and tempered (specimen QT), annealed at 380 °C in a vacuum after QT (specimen VA), and treated by high-pressure thermal hydrogen