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The major use of double pipe heat exchanger is for sensible heating and cooling of process fluid where small heat transfer areas is required (up to 50m2).This configuration is also very suitable when one or both fluid are at high pressure. Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Tehran MobaddelHeat Exchangers. Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger According to TEMA Standard; Oil Cooler; After Cooler for Compressor; Products Heat Exchangers Double Pipe Heat Exchanger. Other Products. Cleaning-In-Place Washing System. Portable Washing System. Pasteurizer Equipment. Plate Cooler.

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Double-pipe heat exchangers, also called hairpin heat exchangers, are typically used for heating or cooling processes in which only small heat transfer areas are required (<50m2). Double Pipe Heat ExchangersA double pipe heat exchanger, into its simplest form is presently one pipe within another larger pipe. One fluid flows through the inside pipe and the further flows through the annulus between the two pipes. The wall of the inner pipe is the heat transfer surface. Effectiveness in a double pipe parallel flow heat The Effectiveness in a double pipe parallel flow heat exchanger formula is defined as the ratio of the actual heat transfer to the maximum possible heat transfer is calculated using heat_exchanger_effectiveness = (1-exp (-1* Number of Transfer Units *(1+ Heat capacity ratio)))/(1+ Heat capacity ratio).To calculate Effectiveness in a double pipe parallel flow heat exchanger, you

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Jan 01, 2018 · Helical coiled double-pipe heat exchangers are considered the most applicable type of heat exchangers in various industries including cooling applications because of their high performance, high heat transfer rate, and compact volume. Flow in a double-pipe heat exchanger can be co-current or counter-current . Double-pipe heat exchangers are usually used as counter-current heat exchangers and can be considered as alternatives to shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Heat Exchanger - Types, Diagram, Working, Applications Some heat exchanger advertises the availability of finned tubes in a hairpin or double pipe heat exchanger. These would always be longitudinal fins, rather than the more common radial fins used in a cross-flow finned tube heat exchanger. In a double pipe heat exchanger design, an important factor is the type of flow pattern in the heat exchanger. Industrial (Monotube) Double Pipe Heat Exchangers Dimpleflo Double Pipe Heat Exchangers are manufactured in Australia and can include wall mounting frames, insulation and stainless steel cladding. Applications The Double Pipe configuration has proven ideal for processing slurries containing fibres, chunks or other particles that can block conventional heat exchangers including;

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A double tube heat exchanger is able to achieve pure counter current flow thus allowing for a temperature cross to be achieved whereby the cold fluid can be heated above the exit temperature of the hot fluid. The use of flanged connections allows double pipe heat exchangers to be completely stripped down for cleaning and maintenance.What is Double Pipe Heat Exchanger:Types. Working Mar 03, 2021 · Double Pipe Heat Exchangers- Heat exchangers are devices that transfer or exchange heat between two fluids without mixing and include various types depending on the design, application, required space, and the fluid flows in the system. All the heat exchangers have a barrier that separates the fluids and allows the heat transfer simultaneously.