effect of process parameter on mechanical properties and

Correlation of Process Parameters with Mechanical

  • AbstractIntroductionMaterials and ExperimentsDesign of Experiments and AnalysisResults and DiscussionConclusionAcknowledgmentsSelective laser sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing technique that enables the production of customized, complex products. SLS has proven itself a viable prototyping tool and production method for noncritical products. The industry has picked up on the potential of SLS, which raised the question whether it is possible to produce functional products with reproducible mechanical properties for application in critical sectors. Properties of SLS parts highly depend on the applied process settings. HEffect of infill parameters on material sustainability and Apr 21, 2021 · From the responses, it can be noted that the infill density is one of the most significant process parameters for material saving, compressive and flexural mechanical properties. It is clear that the correct selection of infill density, i.e., 50% to 80% with suitable bio-inspired infill pattern, i.e., gyroid and honeycomb provides significant results. Effect of SLM Process Parameters on the Quality of Al 1 Article 2 Effect of SLM Process Parameters on the Quality of 3 Al Alloy Parts; Part II:Microstructure and 4 Mechanical Properties 5 Ahmed H. Maamoun *1), Yi F. Xue1), Mohamed A. Elbestawi 1), Stephen C. Veldhuis1) 6 1)McMaster University, Department of Mechanical Engineering,1280 Main Street West Hamilton, ON, 7 Canada, L8S 4L7 8 * Correspondence:[email protected];

    Effect of hot-pressing process on mechanical properties

    The effect of forming temperature on mechanical properties and surface color was more noticeable than the forming pressure and the holding time. With the change of the forming process parameters, the static bending strength of the compacts increased first and then decreased. Effects of Process Parameters and Heat Treatment on the Although the variation of process parameters can change the microstructure and the cooling rate to a certain extent, the precipitation of strengthening phase is still inhibited. The mechanical properties mainly relates to internal defects in such a situation. Effects of different process parameters on mechanical Mar 24, 2021 · Process parameters are very crucial for hot stamping, which can determine the mechanical properties and microstructures of hot stamping components [12, 13]. Currently, extensive research has been carried out on the deformation temperature and the heat transfer coefficient most closely related to hot stamping process parameters.


    mechanical properties are studied. Then, the effect of height on porosity will be investigated. Finally, the effect of process parameters on compressive stiffness will be considered. Energy Density and Dimension . Different process parameters produce different results in the final cylinders dimensions.