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May 25, 2018 - Amaranth/Pigweed is a common weed that is highly nutritious! Use the greens in soups, stir fries, or salads. eat the dried seeds raw or roasted. The seeds are very high protein and have lysine, fiber, and calcium. A single plant can produce 100,000 seeds! The leaves have vitamins A and C, iron, fiber, calcium, and manganese. Amaranth is a highly sustainable food crop because of Amaranth family Definition of Amaranth family at Amaranth family definition, the plant family Amaranthaceae, typified by herbaceous, often weedy plants having alternate or opposite leaves and small, chaffy flowers without petals in brightly colored dense clusters, including the cockscomb, pigweed, and amaranth. See more.

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Halogeton, genus of nine species of weedy plants in the amaranth family (Amaranthaceae), native to southwestern Siberia and northwestern China. Halogeton species are mostly annual plants and are known for their ability to tolerate saline soils. Several are considered invasive species in areas outside their native range. Prostrate Pigweed (Amaranthus blitoides)Prostrate Pigweed (Amaranthus blitoides) ProstratePigweed. Amaranthus blitoides. Amaranth family (Amaranthaceae) Description:Thisplant is a summer annual with branched stems up Weed Profile:Pigweeds (Amaranthus spp.) eOrganic

  • AbstractIntroductionDescription and IdentificationLife Cycle, Reproduction, Seed Dispersal, Seed Dormancy, and GerminationGrowth Habit and Impact on CropsManagementReferences CitedPigweedis the common name for several closely related summer annuals that have become major weeds of vegetable and row crops throughout the United States and much of the world. Most pigweeds are tall, erect-to-bushy plants with simple, oval- to diamond-shaped, alternate leaves, and dense inflorescences (flower clusters) comprised of many small, greenish flowers. They emerge, grow, flower, set seed, and die within the frost-free growing season. Pigweeds thrive in hot weather, tolerate droughtPigweed or Amaranth:How to find and use - Wild Edible
    • EdibilityAncient Grain?NutritionIdentificationHabitatHow to HarvestHow to Cook(Family) Amaranth (Pigweed) Family - Montana Field GuideKingdom - Plants - Plantae. Division - Flowering Plants - Anthophyta. Class - Dicots - Dicotyledoneae. Order - Caryophyllales - Caryophyllales. Family - Amaranth (Pigweed) Family - Amaranthaceae. Species. American Bugseed. Corispermum americanum. Other Names:Corispermum hyssopifolium [misapplied]

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      Pigweed is the name used to describe plant members of the Amaranthaceae family. Most belong in the genus Amaranthus and include species that are often considered to be weeds. These species of plants tend to be tough and adaptable to a range of environmental conditions.List of plants in the family Amaranthaceae BritannicaAmaranthaceae, the amaranth family, contains some 174 genera and around 2,500 species distributed worldwide. Its members are typically herbaceous plants or subshrubs, many of which can tolerate poor saline soils. The flowers are often small and borne in dense inflorescences, and the simple leaves are usually arranged alternately along the stem. A number of species are important food crops, and