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etching, dry etching of P-doped poly-Si1-xGex was performed. To investigate the effect of radical reaction on the sidewall etching, radical dominant etching was also examined using a shutter above the wafer (4). N and Si atom amount on the etched surface was evaluated by XPS. Cross-sectional SEM images of P-doped poly-Si0.4Ge0.6 Characterization of plasma etching of molybdenum polycid May 01, 1988 · The present paper is concerned with an extremly anisotropic twostep patterning process for Mo2Si/polySi double layers with an etchstop on thick Pdoped CVDSiO2. As etching gas Cl2/CF4/O2 and Cl2/CF4 are used. By means of etch rate dependencies, volatilities of possible reaction products and results, obtained from the literature it is attempted to develop a simple qualitative

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EP0224022A2 - Etchant and method for etching doped silicon - Google Patents. The present invention provides an etchant composition and method for the resistivity specific etching of doped silicon films which overlie intrinsic or lightly doped crystal regions. The etchant comprises hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, and acetic acid, the molecular ratio of nitric acid to hydrofluoric acid being greater than 2,0 and the Etch Rates For Micromachining Processing II (nm/min)Si Float- Poly Si Poly Si Poly Ge Poly SiGe Fused Pyrex Thermal Ann. LTO Etchant Target (100) Zone Si LPCVD LPCVD LPCVD LPCVD Graphite Quartz 7740 Oxide LPCVD Etchant Abbrev. Material Wafer Wafer Undoped In-situ n+ Undoped P-type Ion-Milled Wafer Wafer Wet-Grn Calogic Isotropic Silicon Etchant "Trilogy Etch" (126 HNO 3:60 H 2O :5 NH Etch rates for micromachining processing-part II Etch Rates for Micromachining ProcessingPart II Kirt R. Williams, Senior Member, IEEE, Kishan Gupta, Student Member, IEEE, and Matthew Wasilik doped polycrystalline silicon deposited in a Tylan LPCVD furnace with recipe sccm, 1.6% PH /balance Poly SiGe LPCVD -Type:A p-type polycrystalline silicon-germanium deposited in a Tystar

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Feb 15, 2017 · One-step synthesis of lightly doped porous silicon nanowire arrays was achieved by etching the silicon wafer in HF/AgNO {sub 3}/H {sub 2}O {sub 2} solution at room temperature. The lightly doped porous silicon nanowires (pNWs) have circular nanopores on the sidewall, which can emit strong green fluorescence. Low pressure chemical vapor deposition - LNF Wiki

  • EquipmentMaterialsMethod of OperationApplicationsFigures of MeritParametersBelow is a general description of the LPCVD equipment at the LNF. For a complete list, please see list of LPCVD equipment.PostCMOS Modular Integration of Poly-SiGe Microstructures PostCMOS Modular Integration of Poly-SiGe Microstructures using Poly-Ge (0) by A E Franke, Y Jiao, M T Wu, T-J King, R T Howe Venue:Sacrificial Layers, Technical Digest, Solid-State Sensor and Actuator Workshop:Add To MetaCart. Tools. Sorted by Wet-chemical etching of silicon and SiO2of the etch rate. Doped (n- and p-type) silicon exhibits a higher etching rate than undoped silicon. Etch Selectivity of Si :SiO 2 As the etching triangle in Fig. 123 shows, high HF :HNO 3 ratios promote rate-limited etching (strong temperature dependency of the etch rate) of Si via the oxidation step.

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    Jun 04, 1998 · The etch rate of doped polycrystalline silicon films (polysilicon) was studied as a function of dopant concentration, degree of dopant activation, and dopant type, in a parallelplate reactor, using a CFCl 3 plasma. The significant difference in etch rate between ndoped and p or undoped polysilicon observed indicates that the electrical activity of the bulk (and surface) plays an