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Precision Bulk Metal Foil resistors designed for high temperatures(above +175°C) provide stability levels well under the maximum allowable drift required by customer specifications and have been proven through thousands of hours of operation under harsh conditions. Caddock MS Resistor Series Rhopoint ComponentsThe MS power film resistor family from Caddock are axial-lead resistors with a wide resistance range from 20 to 30M and a maximum operating temperature of +275°C. These resistors have a power rating of up to 22W at +25°C and maximum voltage of 6000V. Caddock MS power film high voltage resistors are cost effective high voltage resistors.

Caddock TG Resistor Series Rhopoint Components

Precision high voltage axial leaded through-hole resistor; Maximum operating voltage from 4kV up to 30kV (standard series) Utilises Caddocks Tetrinox® resistance film to achieve the unique combination of low TCR and high stability performance Different Types of Resistors and its ApplicationsSep 14, 2016 · Applications. The carbon film resistors are available in High plus stability. Printed Carbon Resistor. The name itself says that the printed so this type of resistors are used on the printed circuit boards. These types of resistors are mostly common in hybrid PCB modules. The tolerance of these resistors is quite large and it is in the HT-Series:CHR-HT, CHS-HT, CHM-HT, CRB-HT, CBW-HT High temperature applications up to 300°C Chip resistors in thick film technology PtAg-terminals Suitable for conductive epoxy applications and soldering Suitable for high vacuum applications no organics Wire bondable resistors series CBW with Au-terminals available (up to 200°C) Non-magnetic

High Stability - High Temperature (230 °C) Thin Film

High Stability - High Temperature (230 °C) Thin Film Wraparound Chip Resistors, Sulfur Resistant INTRODUCTION For applications such as down hole applications, the need for parts able to withstand very severe conditions (temperature as high as 215 °C powered or up to 230 °C un-powered) has leaded Vishay Sfernice to push out the Precision Low TCR, High Temperature up to 215 °C, Thin Precision Low TCR High Temperature Thin Film Resistor, Surface Mount Chip, ± 5 ppm/°C TCR, 0.02 % Tolerance PLTT Vishay Dale Thin Film Vishays proven precision thin film wraparound resistors will meet your exact requirements. These resistors are ideal for use RESISTORS - United States NavyAdditional voltage derating is specified for high voltage with high resistance value applications. The purpose of this additional derating is to assure the maximum continuous working voltage of the resistor is not exceeded. Most of the time, the user does not need to be concerned with this additional derating (e.g., logic circuits are not affected).

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  • Not only OhmsTemperature CoefficientFrequency ResponsePower DissipationPower De-RatingMaximum TemperatureMaximum VoltageTypical maximum temperatures for carbon composition resistors would be around 100 to 120°C and for metal and oxide film types, about 150°C. Wirewound resistors can operate at higher temperatures up to around 300°C. For power resistors, as an alternative to a specified maximum temperature, manufactures data sheets often specify a "Power derating curve" similar to that illustrated in Fig. 2.4.1,which shows how the specified power rating of the resistor must be reduced (derated) at various temperatures abovHigh Power Shunts - BournsBourns offers high power shunt resistors manufactured using a metal alloy element that is electron-beam welded to tinned copper terminals. The Bourns® Model CSM Series is available in three different footprint sizes:8518, 7036, and 6918 metric, with resistance values as low as 50 µ, meeting low voltage drop and high-accuracy requirements with the ability to handle high currents up to 1000 Vishay FRSM 303265 EEE Series Rhopoint ComponentsDescription This FRSM ultra high precision resistor series from Vishay Foil Resistors is tested to EEE-INST-002 and MIL-PRF-55342, specifically for space and military applications. The 303265 series offers a resistance range between 10 and 35k, in a small Top 10 resistors for harsh environments - Electronic ProductsAug 14, 2019 · KOA Speer Electronics launched its high-reliability RN73R series metal film chip resistors to meet high heat and high moisture applications, such as those found in automotive electronics, industrial equipment, and medical devices. They also can be used as gain adjustment resistors for OP amp circuits, and dividers for power-supply voltage monitors.