dependence on temperature of tensile properties of the

High-temperature tensile properties of in situ-synthesized

The strain rates chosen for tensile tests are 10 3 s 1 and 10 5 s 1. Tensile creep-rupture tests are conducted on a CSS-3905 testing machine at 873 K, 923 K, and 973 K in air. Temperature fluctuations of tensile and creep-rupture tests at high temperatures are controlled within ± 0.2 K. Strain rate- and temperature-dependent tensile properties Aug 06, 2011 · The Poissons ratio at room temperature is independent of the strain rate, but dependent upon the strain magnitude. As the temperature is increased, the strain rate sensitivity in monotonic loading decreases. Well above the T g, the elastic modulus drops by several orders of magnitude. In this high temperature region, the material achieves strain levels well above 100% and Poissons ratio is

The temperature dependence of the tensile properties of

Dec 31, 1992 · @article{osti_48120, title = {The temperature dependence of the tensile properties of thermally treated Alloy 690 tubing}, author = {Harrod, D L and Gold, R E and Larsson, B and Bjoerkman, G}, abstractNote = {Tensile tests were run in air on full tube cross-sections of 22.23 mm OD by 1.27 mm wall thickness Alloy 690 steam generator production tubes from ten (10) heats of material at eight (8