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Analyses on Seismic Behavior of Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Walls Qiuhong 1Zhao , Junhao Sun2, Yanan Li3 Abstract Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Walls (CoSPSW) are lateral load resisting system in which corrugated steel plates are embedded inside a boundary frame, with the corrugation oriented in the horizontal or the vertical direction. FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF COMPOSITE PLATE evaluate the response of steel plate girders with corrugated webs [17-22]. Yi et al. [23] used ABAQUS software to study the shear buckling behaviour of non-composite trapezoidal corrugated steel webs. The results showed that the interactive shear buckling mode and strength was not influenced by material


Basler [2] investigated the shear strength of plate girders and presented formula to calculate critical shear stress for rectangular plate under shear load. Easley and McFarland [3], [6] discussed three different formulae for elastic buckling loads of light-gauge corrugated metal shear Nonlinear Analysis of Local Corrugated Steel Shear Wall elastic shear buckling behavior of the sinusoidal corrugated steel shear walls and by applying the finite element method in Abacus software, equations are presented for determining the buckling shear loads of sinusoidal corrugated plates [16]. In one research ul - timate strength of shear wall with opening was investigated. Their Numerical Analysis of Buckling Strength of Welded Plate corrugated web plate was provided by the flanges with almost no contribution from the web and with no interaction between flexure and shear behavior. The corrugated steel web solely provides the shear capacity of the girders where the shear strength was controlled by buckling and/or steel yielding of

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Beams with corrugated webs were tested to failure under shear; the failure was due to buckling of the web. The test specimens were modeled using finite elements and the computer program ABAQUS was used to perform nonlinear analysis; the load increment as well as the mesh size were selected based on studies to examine their effects. The comparison between the results from the finite-element Structural performance of steel plate shear walls with Sep 30, 2016 · Steel plate shear walls (SPSWs) are an efficient lateral force-resisting system, and can be designed with corrugated and/or perforated infill plates, depending on structural considerations, architectural requirements, and service design. This paper presents a study on the structural performance of SPSWs with horizontal trapezoidal corrugations and centrally-placed square perforations under Theoretical Analysis for Local Buckling of Corrugated evaluate local buckling of Corrugated Steel Plate. 1 Introduction Corrugated Steel Plate (CSP) is pressed or bent corrugated by steel plate, which has high bearing capacity and high stability, has been widely used in bridge and culvert engineering [1-3] and PC box girder with corrugated steel

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The control of the structure's shear strength by the steel plates comes through buckling of the plate or through it failure. Pure shear stress is the only significant stress in these structural components. In corrugated plates, the yield shear stress can be determined with eq. (1) (Sayed-Ahmed, 2005, 2007; Kiymaz et al., 2010)