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a. Fittings:125 lb., cast iron, screwed, conforming to ANSI B16.4. Thread-o-lets may be used when the branch line is 1/3 the main size or less. b. Joints:Screwed. c. Unions:Class 300 malleable iron. 2. Pipe 2-1/2 inches and larger:Carbon steel, ASTM A53, Grade B, seamless, standard weight for steam, Schedule 80 for condensate. a. A Complete Guide to Pipe Sizes and Pipe Schedule Free At that time pipes are available in only three sizes standard weight (STD), extra-strong (XS), and double extra-strong (XXS), based on the iron pipe size (IPS) system. With the modernizing of various industries and the use of pipes in different pressure and temperature condition, three sizes are not sufficient to meet the requirement.

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Feb 14, 2020 · The design specifications for high-rise structures with large. setbacks often call for soil pipe to carry large amounts of rain water and snow melt. Outside the area of building construction and storm drainage, cast iron piping is used in condensate lines, bridge drainage, and Cast Iron Soil Pipes - Dimensions - Engineering ToolBoxCast Iron - There are four basic types of cast iron - white iron, gray iron, ductile iron and malleable iron; Cast Iron Flanges - ASME/ANSI Class 125 - ASME/ANSI B16.1 Cast Iron Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings - Class 125 Flanges - outside and inside diameters, bolt circles, numbers and diameters of bolts DUCTILE IRON PIPES & FITTINGSStandards & Specification Shin Nan ductile iron pipes and fittings for water and sewerage systems are manufactured according to EN 545 / EN 598 / EN 969 / ISO 2531 and under the quality control system of ISO 9001 for quality assurance. The standard nominal sizes DN of pipes to fittings are from 80 mm to 2000 mm. Every pipe and fitting are


Ductile iron pipes shall be centrifugally cast in accordance with the European Standard EN 545:2010. Centrifugally cast pipes shall be subjected to a work hydrostatic test for duration of at least 10 seconds at a Dimensions of pipelines Saint-Gobain PAM UK pipe external barrel diameter. Ductile iron nominal thickness Pipes. For DN 60 to 300, nominal thickness of the ductile iron is the one for class 40, C40, defined by EN 545. For DN 350 to 600, NATURAL pipes are class 30, C30. For DN>700, the nominal thickness of the ductile iron for pipes and fittings is calculated as a function of the DN. Engineering Thickness & Technical Design of Data Ductile Iron Pipe is also available with thicknesses greater than Pressure Class 350; see table below. All information is from AWWA/ANSI C150/A21.50-91Standards, tables 50.5 and 50.15. These special thickness classes were designated standard thickness classes by AWWA /ANSI Standard


50.31 Vitrified Pipe Sewers V-13 50.41 Ductile Iron Pipe Sewers V-17 50.51 Cast Iron Pipe Sewers V-22 50.61 Sewers In Jacked Steel Sleeves V-26 50.62 Direct Jacked Precast Concrete Pipe Sewers V-38 50.71 Reconstruction Of Existing Sewers Using D.E.P. Approved V-52 Cured-In-Place-Pipe Section 1 AMERICAN StandardsInstallation and Certification of Ductile Iron Pipe and Ductile Iron Fittings Standard Designation Subject ANSI/AWWA C104/A21.4 Cement-Mortar Lining for Ductile- Iron Pipe and Fittings for Water ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5 Polyethylene Encasement for Ductile-Iron Pipe Systems ANSI/AWWA C110/A21.10 Ductile-Iron and Gray-Iron Fittings, Specifications McWane DuctileStandard Designation Subject Covered; ANSI/AWWA:C150/A21.50:Design:ANSI/AWWA:C151/A21.51:Water Pipe:ANSI/AWWA:C11O/A21.10:Fittings - Cast Iron:ANSI/AWWA


Pipe shall be ductile iron conforming to AWWA C151. Provide pipe in nominal 18- or 20-foot laying lengths. 2.02 PIPE MARKING Plainly mark each length of straight pipe to identify the design pressure class or thickness class, the wall thickness, and date of manufacture. Mark the spigot end of restrained joint pipe to show clearly the required depth of insertion into the bell. 2.03 PIPE WALL THICKNESS