armor protection of km bismarck by nathan okun


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  • Shkaku class (aircraft carrier) - zxc.wikiThe Shkaku class ( Japanese Shkaku-gata kkubokan) was a class of two aircraft carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy.In this class, the previous experience from Japanese warship building was combined, so that the ships received a synthesis of speed, armor protection and aircraft capacity that had not been achieved before . Armor Schemes on W.W.II Battleships - CHUCKHAWKS.COMBy Nathan Okun. USS Wisconsin. Photo by Ingalls Shipbuilding. The German TIRPITZ (and BISMARCK) armor design was, mostly, a beefed up version of that used in the W.W.I BADEN Class (as further modified in the never-completed W.W.I-designed successors to that class). (or not), that is important in judging the various protection schemes of

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    May 29, 2015 · Okun did admit that at the time, he missed in the article was some layers of Bismarck's armor layout (he missed the 30 mm splinter bulkhead entirely which would further reinforce the flat main deck), or that he greatly overestimated the (non-existent) 'decapping' splinter belt of SoDak, which in turn greatly overstated the SoDak's belt protection. Bismarck construction flaws - Page 8 - Naval History ForumsJun 24, 2010 · ARMOR PROTECTION OF THE BATTLESHIP KM BISMARCK© BY NATHAN OKUN ARMOR PROTECTION OF THE BATTLESHIP KM BISMARCK© Baden's decks were made of standard homogenous armor. Bismarck's upper deck was Whotan hart, with considerable more tensile strength and corresponding less %EL than the armor from Baden. Explosive Damage - Page 19 - NavWeaps ForumsSome more statements from Nathan from the Armor protection of Bismarck artictle "The USS SOUTH DAKOTA (or, better yet, the USS IOWA) armor scheme show

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    ARMOR PROTECTION OF KM BISMARCK©by Nathan Okun. In this article, the author examines the protective schemes of not only the Bismarck, but also the Yamato, South Dakota, King George V, Richelieu, andVittorio Veneto. King George V-class battleship (1939) - Infogalactic:the Okun, Nathan. Armor protection of the battleship KM Bismarck. D or Ducol steel was a High Tensile Steel developed after WW1. It had very good armour properties and was used extensively on the King George V-class battleships as a support for deck and belt armour and for hull, deck and splinter proof plating. This armour had approximately 25% Nathan Okun's Bismarck article - Naval History ForumsDec 23, 2004 · Decapping is a big concern, for here a shell can lose up to 10-13% of its mass and thus pentration energy -- and we know the external armor layer of the Bismarck is robust enough to decap any naval shell. I sent Nathan enough material so that he might be able to model yaw results, although this is no easy task.

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    Jun 06, 2010 · Detailed analysis of the Bismarck's armour protection by naval expert Nathan Okun indicated that the resistance of Bismarck's main armour belt was worse than that on the contemporary battleships because it wasn't sloped and it was rather shallow ARMOR PROTECTION OF KM BISMARCK by Nathan Okun 9/6/91Nathan Okun Naval Gun and Armor Data Resource - Jul 30, 2019 · Tests to determine effectiveness of the armor protection of HMS HOOD. Large file ~4Megs. Nathan Okun has developed the following Armor Penetration Programs. World War II tests of Krupp KC n/A armor as used on SCHARNHORST and BISMARCK, which was tested using many kinds of Krupp APC projectiles, INCLUDING pre-World War I small hard AP