fatigue strength evaluation of load

(PDF) Evaluation of fatigue life of aluminum alloy wheels

This load constantly compresses the wheel radially. While the car is running, the radial load becomes a cyclic load with the rotation of the wheel. Hence, the evaluation of wheel fatigue strength under radial load is an important performance characteristic for structural integrity. FATIGUE PERFORMANCE COMPARISON AND LIFE crankshafts. Load-controlled component bending fatigue tests were also carried out on the crankshafts. Material tests showed that the forged steel had 26% higher tensile strength and 37% higher fatigue strength than the ductile cast iron, while component tests showed that the forged steel crankshaft had 32% higher fatigue strength resulting

Fatigue Design Evaluation of Railway Bogie with Full-Scale

Therefore, to evaluate the fatigue strength of the bogie frame, it is determined that appropriate fatigue evaluation methods should be applied, depending on the locations and stress conditions. (4) The fatigue damage was evaluated with the stresses that occurred in the fatigue test and the track test. It is considered that, among the three step loads under EN 13749, the load magnitudes of the second and Re-evaluation of weld root fatigue strength for load Mar 01, 2021 · Abstract. The re-evaluation of fatigue strength, applying nominal and notch stress concepts Fatigue Strength Evaluation of the Load-Carrying Cruciform In this study, fatigue strength of load-carrying cruciform fillet welded joints were evaluated using a new method proposed by Yamada, for geometric or structural stress in welded joint, that is, one-millimeter stress below the surface in the direction corresponding to the expected crack path.