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Danik Hook Stainless Steel Anchor Hook, Easy to Use, Knotless Anchor System with Quick Release (Rope Not Included), Holds 8000 lb. 4.8 out of 5 Stainless Steel 316 Anchor Chain Shackles Boats Sailing Fishing Mooring 4.8 out of 5 stars 151. $27.99 - $155.99 #45. Ironwood Pacific Anchor Ring Anchor Puller with 11" Buoy (up to 30 lb Lift) or FAQ helixmooringThere is a large range in anchor cost with many variables to consider. The size of the Helix Mooring anchor depends upon the site location bottom and the holding requirements. Compared to other anchors on the basis of delivered holding and effective life, the Helix Mooring anchor is

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  • Rope Mooring Marine/ mooring /polyester/strong RopeMooring Mooring Buoy LLDPE Food Grade Sp Pov Floating Hand Grip Mooring Buoy Boat Hook PlaMooring Mooring Buoy Water Mooring Floater Buoy For Ships Boatsbest price 72mm mooring and ships uhmwpe ropesHelical Piles, Helical Anchors & Helix Anchors Chance A helical anchor/pile is an extendable deep foundation system with helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft. Anchors are used in tension applications and piles are used in compression applications. Load is transferred from the shaft to the soil through these bearing plates. Ground Screw Mooring Anchor 1 1/4'' Diameter Shaft 64 The No-Wrench Screw Anchor consists of steel eye rod welded to a steel helix. The entire anchor is hot-dip galvanized for long resistance to rust. A great choice when anchoring in soft soils that reduce the pull out resistance of smaller anchors to below what is required. Heavy Duty 1'' x 66 with 10 Helix Galvanized Screw AnchorIdeal for corrosive environments in medium to soft Soils Hot dipped Galvanized Finish Commonly used for Mooring Boats and docks, securing vineyard trellises, Large storage sheds, retaining walls, radio antennas, small windmills, Long Hop runs All eye anchors are manufactured from steel that conforms to ASTM A-36 M1020 standards.

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    The square helical anchor available to choose from on the site are easy to install and come with no complications. These square helical anchor are able to hold off the bases or hang anything firmly and are strong enough to carry extensive amounts of load. These items are offered by the leading suppliers and wholesalers who not only ensure quality but also make sure they fit into your requirements well March 2015 Moorings - MaineHelix Anchors. Helix (or screw-in) anchors are made of high tensile steel with an attachment eye at the top and large threads at the lower end. These anchors come in long (8 ft.) lengths with The Rode system, which runs from the anchor to the mooring buoy, has two basic parts a ground line and a riding line. The ground line, which lies Mooring Systems - Better Screw Co.They are installed to the bottom of the mooring area into competent soil to provide a secure anchoring and are connected to the buoy with suitable connections. As a professional OEM manufacturer, we can manufacture the helical mooring anchors according to your detailed specifications.Usually, the high-load marine anchor is built on a solid, square shaft and protected with hot-dipped galvanizing.

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    Galvanized Steel Mooring Helix Anchor (BS) Category :Construction Materials of Iron or Steel Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:BS Model Number:Can be customized Material:Steel Name:Galvanized Steel Square Bar Screw Anchor Bar Material:40Cr or 45# steel, round corner 5mm radius helix Plate material:ASTM A36 hot rol Heavy Duty - 3/4" x 48" with 6" Helix Screw Anchor We needed some beefy helix anchors to secure our oyster farm's longlines. I used the anchor for a ocean mooring buoy. The galvanized coating is very durable and significantly slows corrosion. We use a heavy duty 6' steel breaker bar to screw them in. Expect the box to be beat up from shipping, due to weight and odd shape, but